The Book Thief – Narrated by Death

 The first book I pick up after a 2 years or so of watching anime and gaming, I finally get back to something I enjoyed doing in the past and surprisingly, I still enjoy it now and that is reading.

A book that was made known to me by its movie adaption by the same name. Although I wouldn’t say that the movie is all that bad, but after reading the novel, I notice that some of the important point have been truncated. While this is not something unexpected, it’s still a letdown whenever a movie strayed away from its original content. Well, sometimes it for the better so as not to split the movie into 2 or more movies. I’m looking at you Hobbit.

So let’s begin. It’s a novel where Death act out as the narrator for the entirety of the books who seems to be overly attached to a little girl, Liesel Meminger, who’s also the protagonist for both the book and the movie. Set in Nazi Germany, Liesel have to survive under a foul-mouthed foster Mother, Rosa Hubermann, whose colourful language was used as an insult and as an act of loved, and her husband, Hans Hubermann, who act as a loving father, teacher for Liesel, Jews lover by the resident and to Death, he was known as the guy who escape death twice.

This is a book for people who enjoy slice of life genre as the whole book is just about the daily life of Liesel and her thieving adventure that betrayed the name of the novel as book weren’t the only thing she stole.

Summarizing everything, I just make the book look lame when in fact, I wasn’t able to put it down when I was reading it cause it’s just so damn good.

I would rate it a 4.5/5 for reason I would prefer not to state as it’ll be consider as a minor spoiler. So read the book, filthy casual.

Times and the changes that follows it



Two years are almost up and my conscription to the Army is coming to an end. It’s like being in both heaven and hell and the same times. They are time when a day is enjoyable, everything is great and you wish that it’ll stay that way, but they are days that have the feeling of somethings bad going to happen just lingering around keeping you on your toe.

Now that it’s coming to an end, I kinda miss the good time I spent with all my mates. Getting in trouble together and even though most of us are in our 20s, we act like a bunch of school kids that are trap in a place against their will.

I forgot a lot of things I do in the past. Which is really sad as the things that I painstakingly learned like encoding, image editing etc have gone poof as it I have never known anything about it. I could be forgetful or 2 years is just not as short as how most people seems to regard it as.

I stop watching anime and pick up gaming but that too didn’t last long. Now I go all the way back and started reading again. Tried to write my own novel, novella or novelette… I made quite a progress but drop that too though I’m thinking of doing a “Pictures worth a thousand word” where I pick out random image from google and see what type of story I could concoct from it. See how long it will last me in this dull life.


Only time will tell.


How I’m Hangin’?


Click Image for full size (Credits goes to The StoicMachine)

It’s been a week or two since I last posted anything so before that, look at that amazing yet hilarious comic. There seems to be different part of it(I think) But I haven’t actually seen it yet and it can be seen at “TheStoicMachine” deviant art account which link is located right under that comic. It’s clickable (Hell yeah).

Anyway, I’ve been a bit busy lately (watching MLP or anything related to it mostly… Season 2 have ended T_T) and my Army enlistment date is coming up kinda faster than I thought. Time do fly by without anyone noticing it. I want to be a timelord.  Since I’m staying away from anything and everything related to anime and manga, I don’t really have anything to post so I’m just gonna post some short-story and some other random thing like usual. But that will have to wait for a few month or so.

Basically, I’m going on an Hiatus (not that anybody care) for the time being until I can get all my schedule back in order as it’s in a serious mess right now. So yeah till then.

Signing out.


Vanishment (short story)


A short-story by yours truly 

It all started the day before. It was the same old dull and boring day and for once, I was hoping it would stay that way.

I was alone at home with only my currently asleep little brother as a company since my parent were out on some religious class. The day was cold since it was still raining heavily and I have the urge to use the boys’ room. I was only a few step away from reaching the toilet when I heard a flutters of wings.  Continue reading


This will make a great wallpaper

I still remember the time, though vaguely, when every new day will get my hopes up to the roof since it’s like everyday is a new adventure. Everyday there will always be something to look out to, even the boring show on tv really spark my interest. I can sit almost all day watching boring tv shows. stupid cartoon and never get bored of it. But of course, at that time, boring is not in the dictionary. Continue reading